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HSBC - Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation - 2009

Branche: Beratung/Agentur


We will anticipate and meet the needs of our diverse customers around the world by using our ability to combine our global reach across markets and segments with local knowledge and expertise.


We are committed to continuous improvement in quality, effectiveness and efficiency through team work.


We will act quickly to ensure we meet and exceed our customers ever-changing expectations. Management at all levels will be hands-on, operating with a minimum of bureaucracy, giving guidance with wisdom and delegating with confidence.


We will exercise corporate responsibility (CR) in our activities and we are committed to the welfare and development of our local communities. We are committed to complying with the letter and the spirit of all relevant laws and regulations in the various countries in which we are present. We will operate the Group prudently, exercising strict expense and credit discipline, and maintain strong capital and liquidity ratios to ensure no diminution in our external ratings. We value long term, ethical client relationships.


We will demonstrate the highest levels of integrity and put the Group s interests ahead of the individual s. We will treat customers, employees and suppliers fairly and objectively.

WEBSITE-LINK: www.hsbc.com